7th Annual Johnny Cash Birthday Bash – Majestic Madison – In Style – Pre Show

Cindy surprised me with tickets to go see the 7th Annual Johnny Cash Birthday Bash tonight at the Majestic.

This special show will feature sets from: The Liam Ford Band, The Kelsey Miles Band, Christopher Gold & The New Old Things, The American Dead and Jentri / Page.

We went to this (wow) 4 years ago when it was the 3rd Annual. It was great.

See blog post on that show:


This time around she ALSO surprised me by getting us a table. At first I thought she meant tables on the first floor. Sometimes they have little 2 people tables behind the standing room floor and the sound board, and those are nice. You have a spot, are above all the heads and are not that far from the stage.

However, what I didn’t understand was that what she was really referring to was tables in the balcony. O M G.

I have often wondered how people got those seats! Looking comfortably down on the crowd, with a place for your beer and camera in the rarefied air of the reserved section. Well… now I will know. Cindy got us Box R1!  Again. O M G. I am stoked.

How many times have I looked on those spots with grudging jealousy!

Now it will be us!

Thanks Cyn!

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