Buckethead – May 7th 2019


Buckethead returns to Madison.

I need to set a Google notification for this, but managed to spot it while looking for another show that I was considering going to. WHOA! Is that Buckethead!

Tickets just arrived.

I’m already getting a shiver thinking about him playing “Soothsayer”.

Do I bring the vinyl cutting again to try to give to him?

For the record, I tried to get an opera box for this show, but the 2 seaters were already all gone. I was disappointed at first, but if we had done the opera box I’m sure there would have been a part of me that wished I was down front.

It certainly has been eventful down there.



With this show, I believe Buckethead will reach the exalted group of bands I have seen 3 times or more: T.U.G.G., Wayne Hancock and The English Beat.

Good company.

See you soon Buckethead !

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