Bowie Puzzle Attempt

So, my last attempt at a puzzle ended badly.

However, I did want to try another. I had my mind set on one of the Record Cover puzzles I had seen a long time ago at Half-Price books. Surprisingly, they didn’t have them in the place I had seen them like a year ago. Hmph.

They did have though a puzzle of David Bowie album covers! Here Reggie, whom I believe was the culprit in the Bob Marley incident poses with it.

Again, 1000 pieces. Challenging small pieces, but I’m up for it. And the subject matter is varied enough to not be TOO strenuous. It’s packaged well.

And not being a used garage sale puzzle, I can be fairly certain that all the pieces are there, unlike the ill fated Bob Marley puzzle. So I grabbed it and will start work on it this weekend. THIS time though, I will be taking measures to keep the cats off of it. I will be making a cardboard cover that should keep cats from jumping up and sliding across the table like they are surfing and knocking off all the pieces.

As I sat looking at the puzzle, I noticed that I didn’t see the Bowie album “Station To Station” among the 15 covers it showed. That got me thinking, where is “Diamond Dogs”? I started to make an inventory of missing albums:

  • Pin-Ups
  • Diamond Dogs
  • Young Americans
  • Station To Station
  • Lodger
  • Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  • Heathen
  • The Next Day

I postulate that to include them ALL would have made the image maddeningly small, particularly at 1000 piece size, but… I have some questions.

I understand why “The Next Day” was not included. It’s cover is awful, and they already had “Hero’s” so what would be the point. I also think that Pin-Ups, though an inferior album of covers (in my humble opinion) is visually good and would have made a great pick over perhaps “Hours”.

Further, if you are looking for David Bowie face to adorn your puzzle, why not “Young Americans”? It’s all face.

Including “Blackstar” makes a nice chronological bookend, but it isn’t even a real representation of the actual cover. No Bowie face either. I would have left it out.

“Reality” is a cartoon, so given that, still I have to ask why no “Diamond Dogs”?

At any rate, even though I disagree with the puzzle makers picks, I am still anxious to build it.

Day One:

I won’t get into the whole “there are 2 types of people…” conversation, but I did make sorting out the edge pieces step one. That’s them lower right.

I put on Hanna’s last few episodes on Amazon Prime Video and got to work. Several hours later you can see it taking shape. I worked on Low first and made piles of like pieces, but soon found out that space in the middle was precious. I had to pile them outside the puzzle.

This is where I got before I went to bed.

The hardest parts are left. The bottom is just black and red with very little variation and Heroes and Outside and Blackstar are a lot of one color. Still missing a piece in Low, I stalk the edges of the table looking for it for an achingly long time. Joe came home from work and I complained to him and he looked down at the table and in like 4 seconds found it and put it in. I was both ecstatic and disgusted at the same time. Thanks Joe!

My eyes were bleary and I had to hang it up for the night. I chose a more secure method of protecting the puzzle this time.

It’s a good thing I did too. I came out to find Reggie on the table! That’s him fleeing.

Day Two:

My plan to keep the cats off the table worked, but Lulu the cat not pictured above decided to join me while I was working on it. Yelling “NO! GET DOWN!” was a mistake. She leaped and knocked pieces down and upended part of the puzzle mat. Sigh.

After I got that repaired, I noticed that there was 1 piece that I couldn’t seem to find. I knew it wasn’t part of the cat incident, but I simply could not find it. I shut down production and went clockwise around the puzzle, checking each and every piece so far unattached. Result. Not there. What the actual hell???!

I decided to go take a shower and leave the puzzle alone for the day. Things were getting harder now that all the obvious pieces were placed and it was all the dark variations of black and brown and the solid black , solid white and solid red pieces that remained.

Post shower, with a clear head, a thought occurred to me. The ONE place I had not checked. Sure enough.

When I had torn open the plastic bag like a Neanderthal, these 2 pieces were stuck in the bag still. OMG. Time wasted on searching for them… probably a full half hour, and the loss of a not insignificant bit of sanity.

After that, things went smoothly. Only the bottom most border section with black and red to complete.

Then finally the last bit.

9 pieces away !



In the end, I hesitate to call it FUN, but it was satisfying to complete, though my feet and back are sore from standing and leaning over the table. I binged some Neteflix, and then later some Crime Junkie podcasts, so I was satisfied AND entertained.

Did I really just write a blog about building a puzzle?

Did you really read this far?


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  1. David Bowie’s not dead ~ it’s all in your imagination. Good luck with the puzzle mate, I had to chuckle when I saw that… his personality is a jigsaw enough!

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