“… And The Rotten Tooth Fairy Is Satisfied.”

Finally coming down off of a tooth extraction, no sleep, pain medication stupor for the last 48 hours… I couldn’t help but think of the Alice Cooper song “Unfinished Sweet” off of the Billion Dollar Babies album.

Back in the day Alice used to use (among other grand stage props, like the guillotine) giant toothbrushes and dancers dressed as giant teeth to add to the creepy and unnerving sense when he performed this song.

Only from the mind of Alice Cooper.

Only Alice could make a trip to the dentist a deeply traumatic experience. I would have loved to see Alice back in the 70’s. I think his stage show would have been great coupled with the best music his band made in my opinion. I am glad that he is still kicking it and touring, actually coming to Madison this year (2019).

Thoughts of his fight with Mr. Tooth Decay have not been far from my mind the last couple days. It has been not fun. Slept (very little) sitting up on the couch the first night and discovered all the soft foods in the house. However, managed 5 hours of sleep the next night and cut the pain pills in half the next day, so on the mend. It will be until next week until I feel “normal” but even though it has been bad I guess it could have been worse.

Thanks for staying out of my dreams Alice.

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