Fire (pit) !

What song should be played at the inauguration of a new fire pit area? That was the question at hand.

This project started 2 years ago when we bought a Quikrete Walk Maker Mold.

The original idea was to put some of these at the bottom of the deck stairs where the dogs run up and down, but the nugget of an idea formed when we started looking at building a fire pit area in our backyard. We prepped the area (already with no grass) and I started one early morning.

Mixing the cement (not Quikrete it must be noted) was hard work, and my hands got pruny (even with gloves) and I wrecked 3 fingers, but as I worked my way thru 2 rows of 5 fills, I thought it didn’t look too bad.

First block done. New fire pit waiting.


I was of course worried that it would be straight in the area and equidistant between the shed and the landscaping. I don’t have a problem. I don’t. Do I? When I got to the end of row 1 I had to take a critical review of the lines of the new fire pit edge. I was satisfied.

At any rate, the following day Cindy joined in the battle and we finished 5 rows!

When we were mixing and pouring and patting, the conversation turned to music and which song would be played as the inaugural song of the official opening of the fire pit area.

I blurted out “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, then realized it didn’t really fit. Then “This Girl Is On Fire” by Alicia Keys after struggling to remember who sang it. Didn’t really work either.

Then my mind really went into the rabbit hole and I came up “Quest For Fire” by Iron Maiden. My inner cave man said YES!, but, doubted Cindy would care for that. How about “Burning Down The House” by Talking Heads. Hmmm…. maybe that’s a bad message to send about a fire pit area by your house.

A quick Google search for songs about fire turned up a staggering amount of sites that showcased such songs:

Ranker? OMG. I’ll be back to visit you.

At any rate, the one that I think we have agreed on to be the inaugural song is…

drum roll…

“Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash. Love and fire, perfect.

The chairs are in and the fire pit stands ready.

Let’s get fired up!

Dad joke.

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