Widow’s Weeds – The Silversun Pickups – No Spoilers!

No no no! Not yet!

I have avoided Spotify and other sources where I could be digging the new Silversun Pickups album “Widow’s Weeds” because I have had it pre-ordered for a bit now. I have been avoiding hearing any of it like a guy who has DVR’d the Superbowl and is out in the world the next day and trying to avoid hearing who won or the final score. I heard a snippet of one song on Instagram since I follow SSPU, but it was brief. I also have seen, though not heard small bits of the video for “It Doesn’t Matter Why”. I hastily averted my eyes.

I ordered the Limited Edition Deluxe Vinyl edition of “Widow’s Weeds” and by God I will listen to it that way! Well… in all honesty, I may fondle the vinyl now and play the download card version on my phone at night in bed in the dark. It’s my prerogative, says Bobby Brown.

I got the e-mail that said it had been mailed

and last I checked it was somewhere in Michigan. I suspect it will get here this weekend.

I have probably mentioned before that Otis (thanks Otis!) turned me on the The Silversun Pickups a long time ago, even before we were officially exchanging music, and I missed a chance to see them perform in Madison at the Barrymore. Now I think Madison may be too small for them, but if they do come to town I am SO going.

I have talked about how The Silversun Pickups before. Ironically, it was after listening to “Swoon” and loving it so much that I was afraid to listen to the others for fear they would not be as good.


Lucky for me, they are ALL great. I got the last album “Better Nature” on vinyl, and I am looking forward to this one with as much eager anticipation.

If I can just avoid hearing any of it for a few more days and wait for my delivery, I can swim in it till I get pruney!

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