“WhaWhaWhat”- The New Release From Alan B.

Alan’s new release “WhaWhaWhat” out now on Basement Records, recorded across various dates in June 2019 from several Seattle locations. Released in a bold move on June 16 with zero fanfare or pre-release hype. Just dropped like a bomb into the universe.

Rolling Stone says: Alan is using new equipment this go round and after some false starts really came in line and produced some transfixing material. This is true Alan, harkening back to the olden days of his recordings. Nature sounds and special guests offer a glimpse into the inner workings of this fast friend. Not to be missed.

Spin says: Total blast. Like a car ride through time. Great to have this guy back and producing material again. Already can’t wait for more.

NME says: After starting with a reference to the “orange juice” incident connecting the past to the present, Alan draws you in and makes you realize what an everyman he is and immediately gets under your skin. Joined on several tracks by his son, the dichotomy from his early work is unmistakable and a revelation here. We see Alan in a totally new way. 5 stars!

Billboard says: A return to form from an artist that has been clamored for, for literally years.

The Aural Retentive says: A totally unexpected pleasant surprise. Sublime. Am I using that word right? Doesn’t matter. This shit is super cool. Keep it coming my friend.

Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I dug it man.


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