No One Has Ever Quoted Me To Me Before

To say that I have been messing with the look and feel of my site in the past week since I became a .com is an understatement. However, it has been well worth it. Learning about SEO and Featured images, Tags and Categories… all great additions.

Last night I posted another, and I used all the settings at my disposal.

When I went to bed I wanted to checked to see that it was looking right and so Googled The Aural Retentive to get the link to my site. Somehow a Wrenclaw site came up in the feed.

Wrenclaw was a band that Cindy took me to a few years ago that we liked. I picked up their vinyl at the show. “Lonesome Town” was catchy and has stuck with me.

The Google listing turned out to be their site, and to my surprise, they had quoted from my blog as one of their Press quotes!

Here is their site:

and if you go to the Press page you can see a link to my review.

I’m there at the bottom.

I’m not sure that the enormity of this can be understated. This is the first time I think someone has used me as a quote. Immediately I thought of the scene from “When Harry Met Sally” about a minute into this clip.

“No one has ever quoted me to me before.”  lol

I am proud to be listed on Wrenclaw’s Press page!

Also, they are still playing today. Literally today… June 22nd. They are playing in “The Pursuit Of Happiness Sessions” in McPike Park (202 S. Ingersoll St., Madison, Wisconsin 53703) along with a ton of local bands (including the Kissers). It’s a 2 day event.

Get out and see some music! Tell them The Aural Retentive sent you.

Rock on Wrenclaw!

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