Old Music Vs Old Computer

When we think of music as being old, it is with a reference to the decades.

For instance, when I talk about Jimi Hendrix being old you think 60’s. That seems old to me, but when I talk about other things being old, the reference range may be different.

This is more a commentary on technology than music, but I couldn’t help think when I looked at this photo I unearthed, that the computer seemed older and more out of place than the Hendrix CD sitting on the CPU next to the behemoth of a monitor. Our tech changes so fast that even though the equipment is far newer I feel like I am looking at a cave painting of a group of Neanderthals and one is wearing a digital wristwatch!

These days you can do everything I suspect I could do on that computer (thinking that was my Millennium Edition Hewlett Packard) right on your phone in your pocket. Including, listening to that Jimi Hendrix album. Ah technology.

I still have the Hendrix CD. The computer is LONG gone.

What does that tell you.

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