Music To Modify Kitchens Counters

So we embarked on a kitchen counter transformation project. First strip down the old, then add adhesive coat and sprinkle (dump more like) colored chips and viola…  a new kitchen counter top is born.

We did the sanding pre-work Friday night

then early Saturday morning with some slight trepidation, began phase 2. In the instructions it makes it seem like you need to hurry so we were both tense. We got all the stuff we needed staged and then just before we got started, my wife Cindy did the most amazing thing.

She put on music! Not just any music… Howlin’ Wolf. It was perfect. Is it any wonder I love her so?!

He was just right for the mood and things went quickly and pretty well, until I leaned against the counter and we had to rework a bit. We managed to complete the chip spreading though before the adhesive coat dried.

Thanks Cindy. Music was a fantastic idea… AND the counter looks great.

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