From CNN: This musician and composer just got an asteroid named after him

This musician and composer just got an asteroid named after him


A Wizard A True Star?

No, those are someone else.

This is the first time I have used the fancy buttons on the bottom of a CNN post to auto post to my site. Pretty slick. I resisted the urge to reformat the title. Forgive me.

Brian Eno has been in my wheelhouse for a long long time. I first realized who he was in conjunction with David Bowie. That’s him in the middle.

The weird instrumentals that captured my imagination and curiosity on David Bowie’s “Low” album were for the most part his work. He also worked with Roxy Music and has had a huge solo career as well.

This album comes to mind as the first one I delved into when I wanted to try out some of his solo work. “Before And After Science”.

He also created a host of ambient albums. He is an experimenter and a craftsman of sounds and each album has something new to offer. So props to you sir.

Furthermore, this is legit. Not like when you create a fake Word certificate of star ownership for a random star because you forgot your girlfriends birthday. This is a Stephen Hawking Medal.

Of course no one liked the name 81948 (2000 OM69) anyway. It was bound to happen.

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