The New Phone Books Are Here! The New Phone Books Are Here!

Okay, not a phone book, but my new card. This one has the updated website address. P. S.  That’s the finished counter top.

Pretty simple with black background and multi-color sound waves. It occurs to me it may be hard to read in a dark club waiting for a show where I am most likely to hand one out. Ah well. Looks good in a rack.

The old one, for those rare few of you who have one of the old ones… if you use that website, you will still get to my site. It’s redirected.

I think I have about 480 left of the 500 I bought in that first batch. This batch of 500 will probably last my lifetime, unless I change my site again. Oh damn… I just realized I have another few hundred of the tiny Moo cards too.

Maybe I can glue them on one end and make a flip book.

It would need a soundtrack, then I could blog about it.


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