Zappa Haul From Strictly Discs – Bonus Content “I Made The Instagram Feed”

At my last stop at Strictly Discs, I discovered that all my vinyl cutting portraits had sold! These 6 are now living with Strictly Disc customers. Thank you to all of you who bought them!

Prince and Bowie went early on, and then the other 4 moved to the bottom of the stairs. I was a little surprised actually, but it had been a while since I stopped in. That’s on me. After I shut down my Hipgnosis collecting and my YouTube videos I was on a self-imposed record break and had only ordered a few and online at that. I am slowly and calmly getting back into it.

Angie said I could bring 4 more and we could settle up then. So I brought some new selections. Up they went.

Looking for a unique gift made from record vinyl? Stop in and check them out. Tell Angie I sent you.

With my hot store credit burning up my pocket I went immediately for the Zappa section. I had my eye on the 3 LP “Shut Up And Play Your Guitar” box set. I had actually never even see the vinyl before. I love the CD’s and knew that this box set was a great deal. Mine.    P.S.  The new counter makes a nice photo background.

Frank Zappa - Shut Up And Play Your Guitar - Front

These records are in great shape and are an awesome addition to my collection.

Then I flipped through the rest and hemmed and hawed and couldn’t make a decision, so I went upstairs to look at the new vinyl. And what did I find? More Zappa! I always wanted the “In New York” vinyl, and this one had a bonus LP in it of unreleased cuts from the shows. Again, price was right. Mine.

Triple fold-out. Awesome.

Then I also couldn’t resist a new copy of “Sheik Yerbouti”. It was definitely a Frank Zappa day.

Also couldn’t resist some awkward sleeveface:

To be fair I also picked up a copy of George Harrison’s “Gone Troppo” along with the Zappa. It’s a Quiex II Limited Edition Pressing copy. Not sure what that means.

and it’s a promo to boot.

So it was a great score and I have some gift certificate left and a free used album coming too. Buy 12 get one free rules.

On top of all of this, all the Zappa, the cherry on the cake of the event was becoming one of the Strictly Disc Instagram photos. I always see these on Instagram… customers holding their purchase for the day with smiles on their faces. Today was my turn! The guy at the counter asked if he could take my picture with my Zappa haul.

Not sure how that link will work, so here is a screenshot.

Man. What an outing.

Thanks Strictly Discs, you made my day with the Zappa AND the photo.

I’ll be back soon.

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