Synchronicity Again? – Joy Division

The day I changed my blog to an actual .com site, June 16th 2019, I chose a image to display along the edges of the site. I came across an image I had uploaded of my Joy Division t-shirt. I love that album and it seemed perfect.

I was thinking of doing a vinyl cutting of this image, the cover of Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” album. That project never got off the ground, but I thought the image (which I had uploaded) would make cool edges for my site. It came out huge and looked more like zebra print, but I knew what it was and left it.

Fast forward to the early morning hours of June 26th, about 2 am. Awakened from a dream, I checked my phone to see what time it was and I couldn’t not check my e-mail. Turns out there was an e-mail from Amazon suggesting an album for me to buy on vinyl.

Yeah, I ordered it. Colored vinyl, limited edition. I couldn’t resist.

40th Anniversary. Wow. I had to look it up. The album was released on June 15th 1979. Almost exactly 40 years to the day that I decided to use the image for my site. Weird timing? Synchronicity? Call it what you will, but I thought it was cool.

I searched for a better image of the sound waves cover and changed up the side image on my site to a better representation of the album cover.

Looking good Lewis!

Synchronicity or not, I’m happy this all came about.



It arrived.

Noice! The image on the cover is smaller and essentially reversed, but still cool.

Limited Edition Colored Vinyl.

I guess I still need to get the original version at some point. This album sent me down a whole spin of bands that were similar, but Joy Division will always rank # 1 among them all.

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