Hole – Live Through This Added Thanks To Abbey

This one is a little late, but wanted to give Abbey a shout out for sending me a Father’s Day Amazon gift card, which I turned into vinyl. Thanks Abbey!

I bought “Hole – Live Through This”

I just took this photo over our still curing counter top we refinished. Will look way better for photo shoots.

Interestingly, my copy seems to be from the Netherlands??!

I don’t know if that makes it worth more or less. It doesn’t matter, it’s gonna get played. This album and “Celebrity Skin” in my opinion, musically, are fantastic. No matter what you think about Courtney, I have good days and bad days, the music on this album and the follow up are necessities in my collection, and the only 2 I need.

There is something about the rawness and emotion of this album that keeps me coming back. Most of the female led bands I was into then were all soft edged and pop laced and Courtney was a punch in the face.

Her involvement with Kurt cannot be denied, and I am sure that it influenced a lot of what is here, whether competitively or communally they were linked. She was crushing it and “Celebrity Skin” was even better.

Then things went off the rails and though there have been some solo albums, with a few great tracks, nothing can compare to “Live Through This” and “Celebrity Skin”.

So now my Hole vinyl collection is complete.



…and this is from 2019!

Who knows, maybe there will be more Hole to buy someday.

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