The Girl From Ipanema Earworms And Synchronicity

Yesterday morning Cindy randomly started humming “The Girl From Ipanema”. It was random enough that I noticed. Then I started humming it too. I mean it’s a great song, but I didn’t want it stuck in my head. However, it was.

It took a while to kick it out of my head.

As we discussed this later and I revealed that it had indeed been stuck in my head, Cindy mentioned earworms. I was like “what?”. I had to look it up. Yeah, where have I been all this time?!

This is a thing. Who knew? Well, to be fair… the internet.

That in itself would be an interesting post, but wait for it, there is bonus content.

Later that evening we fired up the TV for some Stranger Things Season 3 episodes and what was on but some show on PBS that had a woman jazz singer SINGING “The Girl From Ipanema”. I kid you not.

Synchronicity meets Earworms.

It IS a thing Cindy!

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