Tori Amos Confessions

I think I have already written about this Tori Amos site:

There are bootlegs here from almost every tour that Tori has put on since 1992.

There are a LOT of bootlegs.

I mean a lot.

There was a period of time when I was downloading them fairly regularly. You know, set up a few to download, then walk away and come back later and start a few more. I did it enough that Cindy noticed. Her comment to me was something along the lines of “how many do you need?” and “you will never listen to all of those.”

She may very well be right.

How do you know how many are enough?

Back in the day I found a site that had Tori bootlegs and downloaded over the course of many many pitifully slow data speed nights what I thought was a ridiculous amount of bootlegs… about 120. That amount boggled my mind frankly, but there were SO many more. One night I logged onto my Millennium Edition Hewlett Packard PC and typed in the site address.

NO! The site was no longer was available. I tried for several nights, but the site never reappeared. I was bummed. I spent several months listening to the bootlegs I had managed to get. Some were, to be courteous… awful. Recordings from the last row on crap equipment with people talking and you could barely hear Tori at all. Others were fantastic.

I never really found any other Tori fan that would be interested in 100+ bootlegs, but I have kept them all.

So finding this new website was fantastic. Someone cares a lot to maintain this collection and curate it so well.

The other day I finished downloading the last of what was on the site. Everything they had through 2015. They are all nestled in a folder, sorted by tour and waiting for me to listen to them.

I did some quick calculations. If I listened to one each day (probably bouncing from tour to tour so as not to burn out on one particular era of music) it would take me nearly 2 1/2 years. Let that sink in a bit.

Yeah, ultimately I got 868 shows.

To be fair there are probably 50 that are only short sets with 5 or 6 songs, so it’s not that ridiculous… right? I could probably do 2 on those days.

Even I have to confess that that is a lot of shows to listen to. Will I listen to them all? Hmm… maybe. Perhaps. Okay, probably not, but I could. They take up almost no space on my 8TB external hard drive. It’s not like they are all on cassette, or vinyl taking up tons of physical room. So why not?

So, to my wife and the world, I confess to my ridiculous amount of Tori Amos bootlegs.

I’m listening to one right now.

867 to go.


      1. There’s no going back once you open that particular pandora box! 😉 My boyfriend curses the day I started paying daily visits to yessaid… just got done listening to one, in fact!

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