New Waunakee Public Library Opening – Finally!

The Waunakee Public Library has been threatening to move for literally like 10 years. It has finally happened and the soft opening was tonight. Like a couple of nerds we stopped in to check it out.

Are you local? Check it out:

The new building is awesome. There are 2 floors this time. It’s modern looking while blending well with the Six Mile Creek that ends there with a bit of a park and outdoor area for lounging, reading and enjoying the great outdoors. There are places inside to read comfortably while digging the outside scenery.

The racks are more open and user friendly and sleek, not always just a spine view of 1000 DVD’s and CD’s. Pretty cool. The book racks are more open and spaced out for you browsing pleasure.

You couldn’t check out anything tonight, but I scoped out some things I’ll be going back for: a book about a guy collecting vinyl 78’s, a Kurt Cobain biography.

The movie section seems to be expanded and again, are not all in with just the spines out so you have to basically lean over or read sideways. A definite boon.

I also found the local music section. Awesome that they sectioned it out for more exposure.

There are a few here I will be sampling and perhaps passing on to Otis. Spoiler alert.

We nerded out and are planning to come back soon.

If you are in the area, check it out.

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