Vinyl Community Rewind # 2 – Record Errors

For this week’s Vinyl Community Rewind we have my second video from March 2016.

This one I did during the day and the light from the windows behind me is brutal. I determined after this shoot that I needed to put something in them to block the sun, at least while I was videoing.

I brought in some bookcases I got from Dalton and I put some of the first things on the wall. The echo is much less this time and I do my first needle drop. The Jethro Tull album I am showing has Jethro Tull on Side A and weirdly (as an error) Paul Williams on Side B.

Also, I tried my hand at a little more personalized intro by using the cassette picture that I had on my blog as my opening to show my channel name over. It seemed a video editing triumph for me using some native YouTube editing tools, but looking back now, using a picture of a cassette on my vinyl community videos didn’t exactly fit. Ah well, I eventually changed it.

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