Spiroglyphics – Music Icons

Picked this up from the bookstore the other day. Cindy (to her credit) noticed the picture of David Bowie on the cover and directed me to it.

Spiroglyphics Cover

I have to say I was intrigued. It is sort of a coloring book, except you fill in a line with various thicknesses that spiral into the center, and then back out.

Looks time consuming, but could be cool and might make a great wall decoration. There are 20 artists in this book.

The Bowie detail from the cover:

We’ll see how mine comes out, but first I think I’ll start with a different one in case I make some ridiculous mistake and ruin it. Though it does say in the notes in the book that the lines are somewhat “forgiving” so that takes a little pressure off.

Bob Dylan will be my guinea pig.

..and I have begun. I don’t see Dylan yet… but…

I quickly learned 2 things. One, a fine point pen will quadruple the time you spend doing this, and two, even though the lines are forgiving I still felt that I was making a mess of it. It seemed necessary to tear the page out (they are perforated) to work on it properly. I don’t think I would consider it relaxing exactly… I was too tense about staying in the lines. That may say more about me though than the activity. Here is Bob after about 20 minutes work…

I had to walk away for a while. Back at it soon.

A little more progress.

Then all the way to the center and heading back out…

I can see Bob now!

And finally… Complete.

Some observations… 1. This was not relaxing like building a puzzle. 2. The lines are forgiving, but the neater you are the more clear the image. 3. If I were to do this again, I’ll probably do the Bowie and call it a day, I think I will use a fine point to do the outlines of the area and fill in with the Sharpie.

I’m glad I picked this up, and I’m glad I started with Bob. When I complete the Bowie I’ll post a picture.

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