First Post of 2020. Meh.

This day, December 27 2019 (wedding convalidation in Highland), was the last day I felt 100%.

Since then it has been a giant shared head cold with various symptoms, working from home, half-groggy days on the couch and wishing I felt even 75% again.

All Hail Mucinex!

Rough start to the new year.

I’ve had time to write, but just didn’t have it in me. I did manage to get to Strictly Discs before Christmas to pick up the yearly Holiday Grooves CD that they give away every year since 2011.

and entered into the contest to win a copy of all of the releases with my photo of my first that I got back in 2016.

I did not win. Boo.

Yesterday I felt well enough to venture out in town to the library to pick up some holds and to go to St. Vinny’s. While there I found something that seemed to make me smile and convince myself that Christmas hadn’t broken me. Something I wanted to get to look forward to next Christmas/New Years.

Neil Diamond – The Christmas Album

The case is cracked and it’s a little beat up, but that kinda fits. I’ve never heard this, but each year I TRY and pick up some new music to play at Christmas time. This year I played “Charlie Brown Christmas” album by the Vince Guaraldi Trio while we ate dinner Christmas Eve, but we never played ANY of the other albums and CD’s in out collection.

So I am banking this Neil for the coming Christmas season with high hopes.

Welcome to 2020.

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