Vinyl Community Rewind # 20 – Paul Black and The Flip Kings – Collection

For this week’s Vinyl Community Rewind I show my collection of Paul Black and The Flip Kings. Paul Black was a local boy and beloved here in the Madison area. He played all the time but it was during a time when I was not going to shows. By the time I did I managed to see him only twice. He was breaking out and doing a CD for the House of Blues label and was on a steep trajectory towards the nationwide fame he so deserved. Unfortunately, the House of Blues label folded and he never made another.

This video continues to get viewed a lot, 298 views at the time of this writing (which is a staggering amount for MY videos) and I suspect that is from local folks who remember Paul Black shows.

I show everything I own from my collection, including 2 bootleg tapes I recorded myself and his “Don’t Make Me Get Up” album which is only on cassette and sold at shows.

I continually request that anyone who has any Paul Black and The Flip Kings that I don’t show here… contact me:

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