A Different Kind Of Box Set – The Strictly Discs Curated Random Box

Saw across my Instagram a few days ago that Strictly Discs was putting together $50 curated random boxes of records for delivery or pickup. I was intrigued. I kept watching and checking out their Instagram and Facebook page


and seeing pics of people and their boxes.

I had just spent a bunch on my Smashing Pumpkins album, but I just couldn’t resist getting in on this. Besides, I want to see Strictly Discs, my fav record store, stay  in business in these crazy times. Not only do they sell great vinyl (including the best discount bin around!) they have been feeding my cassette cravings as well. To boot, they have allowed me to sell my vinyl cuttings there. So I feel like I have a real connection to this shop.

I called and talked to Angie and ordered my box.

I set up a delivery spot outside and posted a thank you note to whomever was going to be delivering.

My box arrived today. Thanks Ron for delivering out to Waunakee.

I yelled thank you out the window. Social distance and all that. Blah.

I brought the box into the garage where it will sit until Thursday. Sigh.

After coming in and having dinner I couldn’t help go out and see if I could peek inside. It’s like a Christmas present waiting to be opened.

I’m curious how many people reading this will recognize the tiny piece of art that I could see through the handle hole. I did immediately and I must say that I was SO stoked. My copy is a mess and this could only be an improvement. Double stoked.

Recognize it?

That’s right. “Jethro Tull – Stand Up”

This album has one of my favorite Tull tracks “A New Day Yesterday” a bluesy number that I loved from the first Jethro Tull album I ever owned “Jethro Tull – Bursting Out”.

So no matter what is beneath the Tull I am already pleased. I was able to get a box of vinyl to faun over and check out and explore, and, continue to support my favorite record store.

Win win!

I’ll end with what I wrote on the sign.

Thanks Strictly Discs for keeping us music junkies in sounds while stuck inside!!

Stay safe and healthy!


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