Vinyl Community Rewind # 26 – Tribute To My Friend Dalton Holmen

This week’s Vinyl Community Rewind is a tribute to my friend Dalton who passed 5 years ago. It seems fitting that this would come up in the timeline only 8 days from the actual date five years ago. I have a blog post ready for his actual date, but for this, I made  a video clip of my friend Dalton that I found while converting my old video tapes to digital.

This was a day that we shot video of us outside playing hacky-sack and listening to music. It was one of those warm pre-spring days with snow still in melting piles here and there. I was recovering from a cold and you can hear me coughing. Being outside and active for hours probably didn’t help.

That day we also were working on the mystical art of making a mix tape. “Songs About Rain”. There were problems from the get-go. For some reason we were having issues with the CD player as we were trying to get The Cure song “Prayers For Rain” added to the tape. I don’t remember the exact issue, only that we had to redo it like 4 times.

It became one of those moments we referenced continuously throughout our history.

“It may be hard, but it’s no “Songs About Rain”.

Miss you dude.

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  1. Nice Tribute
    I remember those days where at the end of side 2 it was like what song can Squeeze in at the end of the tape that was fitting.for me it was usually the end by the beatles or so long goodbye from the sound of music! ah the days of the mixtape!

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