The Other Tori Amos – Y Kant Tori Read

I remember when I first got into Tori Amos. I couldn’t get enough.

I had found a website that had all manner of bootlegs and radio shows and I went nuts. This was not Napster, but it WAS back in the day when to download a full show often took overnight at the speed I was getting. Many many nights were spent setting up downloads, then waking up in the morning to see that some failed, some were on 1% still, but a few made it and I relished those. Eventually I ended up with a solid base of shows from the early years. I ended up with some weird fan made albums too, but there was always one album that stuck out like a sore thumb however that I listened to once, but almost dismissed as something random that got in by mistake.

It was called “Y Kant Tori Read”.

The voice was there, but man, it was hardcore 80’s, and maybe not the best part of the 80’s, you know what I mean? Not terrible, but not aged like a fine wine. It does turn out to be a historical document in the progression and rising arc of Tori Amos however.

Check the Wiki page for the answer to why the title.

Now, I don’t have any Tori Amos on vinyl, I’m stictly a digital fan, but if you are a Tori vinyl collector, apparently this is pretty hard to come by and pricey. Witness the copy I came across recently for the first time ever.

It was such an interesting moment I stopped to take a picture. What’s with the cartoon figures?

For a split second I was like “I could see owning this” and then I noted the price tag.

Holy! Granted this is a promo copy, but damn.

So to be clear, you can get this on vinyl NOT promo for under $40, but if you are a casual Tori fan you may want to listen to it before investing. I don’t say this because it’s awful. There are some good moments in it despite being 80’s infused through and through.

The song “Cool On Your Island” is a concert staple. Perhaps not performed quite the same way these days.

Give it a go on Spotify and see if it’s your cup of tea before you rush out and buy the vinyl, no matter what price you find it at.

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  1. If that’s not a fake bootleg copy, that’s an insanely good price for a real YKTR vinyl! She’s since embraced this record, and played all but two of the songs at least in parts since 2014! They are pretty great when stripped of the silly overproduced 80’s music around it. Fire On The Side was always my favorite.

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