Pandemic Wear For The Music Lover

During these “unprecedented times” what is the fashionable music lover wearing? How can I rep some of my favorite places and performers and try to help out?

That question lead me to several purchases over the last few weeks to help support local record stores, artists and venues, and gave a boost to my Pandemic wardrobe.


First, my favorite record store, Strictly Discs was partnering with Bonfire on a line of clothing with benefits being given to the store. I think the colors on the gray look awesome, and though I probably won’t be able to wear it until fall, I love me some hoodie.

How could I not get one?

Then of course there is Pat McCurdy.

He continues to do his “Shelter In Place” shows on Facebook Live and aside from the Friday night we were at the hospital we have watched every one! The perfect end to the week. Go to the videos page on his Facebook and bask in the Live Pat!

A few weeks back he offered up limited edition special t-shirts to commemorate these “unprecedented times” and his run of “Shelter In Place” shows. Again, a chance to help out one of my faves. I ordered one.

Makes Friday nights special. Almost like you are there in his garage!

Yes, that IS a sugar free Smirnoff Ice.

The limited edition t-shirts are gone, but if you like Sex & Beer you can still get plenty of Pat McCurdy swag and CD’s in his shop.

Check out the new masks.

Lastly, I am missing my favorite venues… High Noon Saloon, The Majestic and The Sylvee (where I saw The Smashing Pumpkins and WOULD have seen Silversun Pickups but was postponed due to COVID and “unprecedented times”) and across my Instagram one day I saw their version of masks being offered up.

Gone are the days my friend when you have to wear a questionably fashionable surgical mask, now you can rep your favorite venues while staying safe and keeping others AROUND you safe too.

Frank Productions now manages all 3 of the venues mentioned above and you can check out their merch store here

I already have a sweatshirt of The Majestic that Cindy bought me, so I opted for the sleek and fashionable High Noon Saloon face mask.

Pandemic hair!

I have a connection to High Noon Saloon, not only to the music there, but that symbol was a project I took on in vinyl cutting and gave to the owner/manager before Frank Productions took over.

This picture is me visiting the cutting after I had given it to High Noon. They put it in the O’Cayz Corral memorial behind glass for safe keeping. Wonder where it is now? I saw Wayne “The Train” Hancock that night at the High Noon.

No face mask needed that night.

Stay safe everyone, and if you have a chance to support and rep your local favorites… do it. You’ll feel great and probably look stylish too!

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