A Weird Selection Of Vinyl For A First Step Into The World Again

NOTE: This was written a few weeks back. The world has since gone to crap again and we are curtailing any adventuring, but thought I’d still post it. Stay home. Wear a mask. It could save your life… and mine! And now on with the post:


We ventured out like timid little deer into the world again.

I know Wisconsin has been open in some capacity for a while, but we are not falling into the “everything is cool again” mentality and are trying to balance being safe with a slow return to some kind of normal. We made a stop at Mad Cat and finally to our favorite book store, The Frugal Muse. We are glad that some of our favorite places didn’t go under and are happy to make purchases there to keep them that way.

Even so, inside as I read spine after spine on the sci-fi books and decided over and over that I really didn’t need anything (I’m actually downsizing) I DID want to make a purchase. I wandered over to the vinyl. This is the first time I have flipped through records in… well… months. The last record I bought was “Smashing Pumpkins – Melancholy And The Infinite Sadness” which I left in the garage for the requisite decontamination period. That was April 3rd.


So having some vinyl in my hand was nice. On top of that I found 3 that I needed to bring home with me. It’s an odd assortment, but I suppose it shows my love of the 80’s.

“INXS – Listen Like Thieves”

I have purchased this before and was bummed when there was a scratch in it that made it skip. I need to get more INXS. For some reason (I have listened to this copy and it is perfectly clean) this was the cheapest of the lot. $3.98 is an amazing price for this album.

Also in my apparent 80’s themed shopping trip was this album…

“Thompson Twins – Into The Gap”

Man. If this is not classic 80’s I don’t know what is. “Hold Me Now” and “Doctor! Doctor!” I have never owned this, but have always wanted to. The synths in this are crazy and I love the fat sound of the bass. Looking forward to playing this one. The standout look of the band was no accident. There was the lead singer with red hair and a rat tail, the dreadlocked bass player and the woman with the shaved hair. Now, which ones were the twins?…


Lastly we have another album I have never owned, but have always loved the band and I don’t think I have ever seen this one in the wild…

“Kiss – Unmasked”

Even though I don’t think I have ever heard any of these songs, you kinda know exactly what you are gonna get. It’s Kiss. It won’t make you smarter, and there will probably be some cringy ballads, but there is likely to be some great songs too. This album came after “Dynasty” which was a confusing album too. Disco Kiss?

Whether “Kiss – Unmasked” is a fantastic album or not, at some point I was likely to buy it, so buying it at Frugal Muse was a bonus.

Buy local, shop safe.

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