Vinyl Community Rewind # 38 – David Bowie Blackstar Confessional

This week’s Vinyl Community Rewind is a combination of 2 of my videos. The first is a confessional detailing how despite having purchased a clear vinyl version of David Bowie’s “Blackstar” I still had not listened to the album. His death was just too much in my head. I listened to “Young Americans” Side 1 over and over again in the days that followed his death, but I just couldn’t get myself to open “Blackstar”. I did eventually buy a simple black vinyl version, but somehow I couldn’t even get myself to open that one. Thus, the confessional. I also show some old Bowie items.

I did ultimately, on the 1 year anniversary of his death, open the black vinyl version of “Blackstar” and having avoided listening to it for a year, finally spun it while recording some of my reactions. I decided to add that video (#73) in here. Dig the bit where I discover I had missed the “good for 1 year” download code.

Ah well…

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