Jerry Alexander – “Radiator”

After writing my Paul Black and The Flip Kings – Ultimate Collection a while ago I have gotten some very nice comments. Paul Black fans from all over the country have been reaching out. One fan recently gave me some info on Jerry Alexander who played harp with Paul Black. If you’ve seen Paul Black and The Flip Kings play, you may have seen Jerry play.

Check out this clip of Jerry Alexander playing with Paul Black and The Flip Kings from 2005 with Jerry singing “Raining In My Heart”.

I checked out Jerry’s site   

There are some great old photos of Jerry and Paul, one entitled “Jerry Alexander Band”.

Also this great shot of the two of them playing:

Raging mustaches on both!

Jerry has a CD on his site called “Radiator”.

My notion that Jerry Alexander was only a harmonica player was set on its ear by this CD. He plays all the music himself and feel is very smooth and laid back and I was hooked once I heard “Switchyard”. There are 12 tracks with 5 covers.

He was nice enough to sign the CD and inner for me.

It seems that I missed several decades of music performed by this guy. Check out this article about Jerry from The Isthmus.

The article mentions “Radiator” and I was double happy to be able to get a copy!

“In 2005, Alexander released his first solo album. Titled Radiator, there are twelve tracks on the release, including a highlighted “reworking” of Chuck Berry’s “Memphis.” The album won Best Blues Album at the 2006 Madison Area Music Awards, an tribute accompanied by his win for Best Blues Artist as well.”

I wish my music radar had been a little more ON when Jerry was playing around here!
At any rate. I have been playing my copy of the CD and am loving it…
he took the time to write me back and let me know about a Paul Black release that he remembered that I didn’t know about. If your interested in a weird sample mix of Paul Black licks called “Paul Black – Whiskey, Cigarettes & Gumbo” you can check out my Paul Black and The Flip Kings – Ultimate Collection post:
but for now you should definitely go to Jerry’s page and check out this award winning CD. You will not be disappointed. Order a copy and tell him The Aural Retentive sent you!

“There’s a commotion in the henhouse, I gotta see what’s goin’ on.”

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