COVID-19 Vs Silversun Pickups – The Final Round

Unfortunately the score is COVID-19 1 – Silversun Pickups 0.

It was in the early days of pandemic when venues started closing shop and postponing shows. I was less than 2 weeks away from seeing the Silversun Pickups! So close.

I have cautiously been hopeful that somehow the pandemic would dwindle, and that somehow the show would be rescheduled, and somehow I would be okay being packed in with other fans wearing a mask, however…

The Pandemic continues… and I don’t know how I feel about crowds anymore. Sigh.

In all likelihood for Silversun Pickups I would have targeted the upper right deck like we did for Smashing Pumpkins which was a great view and not too crowded. Even the thought of that gives me pause. Mask or not.

Being stage front for Buckethead, where you can feel against you the people to the left right and behind you bumping and yelling and (shivers)… I suspect seeing live music is over for the year, at least for me.

The news came across my Instagram feed.

I think this is probably for the best, despite being super bummed that I missed my chance, at least for a while, to see these guys. I don’t blame them, or the venues. What choice did they have the way the pandemic seems to be continuing.

So, hope to see you in a non-COVID world in the future! In the meantime I will be enjoying this nostalgia shot, your cover of Martika’s “Toy Soldiers”.

I pre-ordered the green 7″ single.

Stay healthy SSPU ! See you next year?

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