Tickets Please – My Return To Live Music

The Silversun Pickups show in 2020 was in my sights when the Pandemic started shutting down live music. I was so stoked to see the show and bummed when the show got shut down.

Live music is back. I have friends who are partaking and venues are requiring proof of vaccination and it seems somewhat back to normal. I wondered in my head what it would take to get me back out there.

It’s going to be the Silversun Pickups.

They are returning to the Madison area to the venue that they would have played had not the pandemic shut them down.

I have to admit, I hemmed and hawed a bit. I thought it would be fitting to see the band I was going to see when it all went crazy. It will be a nice way to bookend the past 18 months.

Tickets were reasonable and still available… so I decided to go for it. Time for me to get back out there, despite being an hour and a half away from The Sylvee these days. That’s the price I pay for panoramic vistas out my backdoor. It’s no longer a 20 minute jaunt downtown.

Bolstered by my choice to get out there, I also grabbed tickets to another show that is set for next year already. Henry Rollins. This is another sort of bookend for me.

It was back in 2012 when I started getting back to live music in earnest, documenting my shows. That one I happened to go to with Dalton.

I love Henry Rollins spoken word stuff and it also feels like a return to form to go see him live. Shawn is going with me. He is has been to plenty of live music already and I was stoked to find out that not only did he know Henry Rollins, but has also seen him before.

So… this is happening.

Let’s all stay healthy out there. See you in the pit… or at least NEAR it.

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