Øresund Space Collective – Relaxing In The Himalayas

I have extolled the talents of The Øresund Space Collective here before. They are a space rock outfit the plays improvised music and records a lot of material. Jams, shows and albums… all of it is great. You should definitely check out their Bandcamp page.


I’m writing this post to highlight both the release itself, and, something that I can add to my music lover street cred.

“Øresund Space Collective – Relaxing In The Himalayas”

This release is a journey. It is mellow for sure, but the guys fill the space with such smooth and killer instrumentation that you just drift along with them. So the title is perfect. When you listen to this and keep in mind that it was all improvised and yet flows so effortlessly along, it’s hard to believe. This is a great piece of music.

Mine came mailed to me from halfway across the world.

I got the CD version, which is now sold out on Bandcamp, because I am a subscriber to Øresund Space Collective! What a cool bonus. Dedicated to “all the musicians that we lost to the covid epidemic.” Extra bonus… all subscriber names are included in the notes for the CD.

Yes music nerds… my name is on a CD. I am proud to be a subscriber and will continue to support this great band, though hopes of ever seeing them play (even in a COVID-less world) are slim. As a subscriber you get subscriber only releases, there are a lot, and they are all great.

This is the first time I have gotten a physical release and I love it. Fantastic art on the covers and the CD itself.

So again, I cannot recommend this band highly enough. There is no bad place to jump in if you decide to get into some improvised space rock, but this would be a great one if your looking for a mellow 45 minute space journey.

“The milky way express is loaded, all aboard
I promise each and every one of you you won’t be bored” -Jimi Hendrix

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