Traipsing Through The Archives # 5

As I have shown many times before, Dalton and I would make each other CD’s of new music we were listening to and wanted the other to hear. I kept all of these, even though I have all of the contents digitally because, well… they are just cool.

“Totally Live”

This CD is, you guessed it, all live material. I’m not sure if Dalton created the cover image or not, but I’ve always loved it. Actually some of my favorite albums are displayed. Not all of these bands and albums are represented inside of course, but there are some great ones. I had this one poster puttied to my office wall for a long time. Then eventually it found a place in the music room as decoration.

Inside was a collection of live shows from an interesting array of bands.

Dalton loved Triumph and was always trying to get me to into them. “If you like Rush you will like Triumph” he would say. The 2 Frank Zappa shows were favorites for a long while. I liked putting this on random and letting it roll.

Nothing special for the CD itself on this one. Unless you are a Buzz Lightyear fan.

Dalton was no stranger, like me, to suddenly getting into a genre of music and going all out for it. This CD was from his psychedelic phase.

“A Story About Weirdo Electronic Music”

This was delivered one day and he was super stoked about it. This was stuff I had never heard before and was intrigued. The names of the bands on the spine were totally unknown to me.

I think this was a short lived phase for him, but it is a fun relic to pull out once in a while. If I’m not mistaken this was a gateway for him to get into other bands like Daft Punk and Skrillex and Aphex Twin and which led to him finding “Rubber Johnny”. He delighted in showing that short film to anyone and seeing their reaction.

CD was no great shakes here. That’s a Hallucinogen sticker. Spongebob was a nice touch on the spine.

Sometimes Dalton would try and duplicate a CD entirely. He found the tracks for a Nirvana bootleg and created this gem for me.

“Nirvana – A Higher State Of Mind”

This one he put in a full size CD box so he could faithfully duplicate the back cover of the CD as well.

It even has the inner booklet pic.

This was a favorite for a long time. It has some really unusual tracks. Stuff that Nirvana would never have allow to be released. Almost noodling in some spots. That is the appeal of the bootleg, something you haven’t heard on the radio a billion times. Also, with the packaging it almost seemed like a real copy. I took advantage of the CD case to prop it up on my desk. Classic.

CD’s in the actual CD cases and not the slim lines were rare, but if it was deemed a true classic he would use them: see the Final installment of Traipsing, coming soon.

Thanks Dalton!

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