Iron Maiden’s “Number Of The Beast” Vs Amazon (Cage Match)

Where typically I laugh at how well (and sometimes ridiculously well) some of my amazon packages are packed, there is always that one time when things go astray.

An album that I have had on my list to purchase on vinyl for some years now, “Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast” came up in a random Google article about Iron Maiden and I decided it was high time I had it in my collection.

So, I ordered it from Amazon.

Now I have ordered vinyl from Amazon before and it has come boxed and protected and safe and I had no reason to expect any less this time. BUT…

when I went to the porch to retrieve my delivery, I was appalled to find that it was lying on the front steps, in a plastic bag. Yeah, not a box, a plastic bag.

As you can imagine, the record suffered some damage. The corners were bent. Not the copy you want for your collection, that’s for sure.

For a moment, a brief one, I considered keeping it. The record wasn’t broken, I checked. In the end though I decided I deserved a mint unbent copy and I was within my rights to return it. So, I set up a return, took it to the UPS store and had another copy sent.

It arrived today. It couldn’t get any worse than shipping it in a plastic bag right? I mean, what are the odds? When I went to the porch to retrieve the delivery I had to laugh out loud, just before I cried a little.

Here is what I found.

Yeah… they literally stuck a label to the fricking shrink wrap of the album. It was in even WORSE shape this time.

I am literally stunned. Who is packing this stuff? I mean maybe they don’t realize what a vinyl album is, some young kid packing stuff… but when I order a book it comes in a bag, usually padded, and they certainly don’t just stick the label to it. Sheesh.

So I tried to set up yet ANOTHER return. Amazon told me “there was an error”. I’m guessing because my other return hasn’t even been processed yet. Grr… It’s the principal now. I could get this album from another source (and probably should have) but I’m in it now and I WILL get a copy worth keeping. I ended up getting an actual human with the call me feature and after explaining why I was trying to return my replacement, he set it up for me.

Update when I get my 3rd copy.


Well, copy #3 showed up, delivered in a bag, which was good since it was raining, but obviously not so good for the record. Clearly Lola seen here disapproves.

However, this one, while bent a little, is much better. I think I can live with it.

Plus, it would seem that the Amazon employee I talked to sent it no charge. So now I have a bent corner and an only slightly bent corner version of the album. My choices are send it back again (which according to the Amazon employee will cause them to pull the listing) or accept my slightly damaged free album. The fight is all out of me and I think I will keep what I have and not go for door number 2 Monty.

My copy of “Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind” is on it’s way from Discogs to complete my Iron Maiden vinyl collection: “Iron Maiden” thru “Live After Death”.

I bet IT comes in a box. Hmph.

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  1. Being in the front seat for this ride has been an interesting one. Sweet fancy moses I hope they get it right the third time…

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