Vinyl Community Rewind # 43/44 – David Bowie Vinyl (Tribute Art)/VCLT From Helmut Diggy

This week’s Vinyl Community Rewind is another twofer.

First we have a rare “not in the music room” video. In it I show the humble beginnings of my vinyl record portraits, which started as painted records. It was interesting to see this one again. I still do this art, it’s very therapeutic, but the Etsy shop that came eventually has been closed. Just making them for myself these days.

Second we have an unboxing of vinyl sent to me by Helmut Diggy. VCLT it’s called in the Vinyl Community. He sent some Neil Diamond (peep the simulation of the dance that my father used to do) and some Record Store Day Bowie vinyl.

It is fitting that these 2 videos go together. When I did open my Etsy store, Helmut Diggy bought the first 2 vinyl portraits from my shop.

How’s it going Diggy? Music room ever completed?   😉

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