Aural Hallucinations – Hearing What You Want to see

The final installment in this review series, made possible by Dr. Space (again big THANK YOU!) is an album that is a collaboration by Dr. Space ( Synthesizers, Spoken Word, Mixing and Mastering) and Matt Couto ( Synthesizers, Guitar, Artwork) and field recording by Luís Antero known as Aural Hallucinations.

The album is called “Aural Hallucinations – Hearing What You Want To See”

This one is trippy friends, and in the best way.

Per the description of this release, it is meant to be listened to as one long experience, only Bandcamp has track limits so Dr. Space was forced to split this journey into 4 tracks.

Track 1 “Hearing What You Want To See Pt1” starts with some spoken word story by Dr. Space. Man I am a sucker for anything reverbed. The music proper starts at about 4 minutes in and it is full of the language of the synthesizers. Drones and note streams and bass lines and rhythms… but the trippy stuff is just around the corner.

Track 2 “Hearing What You Want To See Pt2” starts off with some voices(?) in the background that made me think someone was talking to me and I actually took off my headphones and said “yeah babe?!”. Joke was on me. Then a fat grindy synth started up reminding me of that scene in Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind when the spaceship was talking back to the notes played by base camp. That is part of the fun of this kind of experience, the things that it reminds you of as you partake. In parts I thought I heard video game sounds, the sound of bottle rockets, and more voices. This time I was ready. Then a section of note streams and atmospherics took over and things were smooth for a while. Stuff just drifting in over the note streams and then decaying and fading out. There were drones and waves of sounds layered on sounds. Near the end there is a rolling up-tempo synth wave to carry you to the end. Very Cool. All the parts blend seamlessly together and 24+ minutes is over too soon.

Track 3 “Hearing What You Want To See Pt3” starts with a Kraftwerk style sound with atmospherics layered over it and morphs into a nice rhythm and wave pattern. Very gentle but building. Then church bells can be heard and the song changes again. This time with nice note streams and some guitar/synth fill work around the edges. Then there is a short drone section followed by more bouncy note streams and some jingly jangly high tone notes. At one point I swear I heard old time clock chimes. I know it was synths, but that is what I related the sounds to. That is what is fun about listening to these tracks with a concentrated ear. When I listen again I will just let it happen. Church bells again!

Track 4 “Hearing What You Want To See Pt4” This one starts with sound field recordings, or perhaps studio antics (?) but sounds like goats. Over the top of this is a swelling synth cloud. The field sounds give the moment a real present feel, but soon undulating synth bass waves take you back into the trip. After a few more field sounds the note streams take over and some grindy sounds go in circles in your headphones. I am reminded of a cat purring at some point. Eventually the synth gets grows in reverb and drone and layers itself in pleasant waves over some incoming note streams again and goes for a bit. Just when you are hypnotized by that, a decaying synth with great atmospherics and some slow dark guitar work takes you to the end.

This was a really cool trip and it was fun to try and pick out the sounds throughout. Apologies if my wordsmanship is lacking while trying to describe these to you all. All I can say is go to Bandcamp and get you some Dr. Space or any of his collaborations. They all have something a little different to offer and there is something for everyone to dig. If you want trippy, rock, great synth bass lines or audio landscapes and treatments, you find it.

A huge shout out to Dr. Space for allowing me to check these out and give my thoughts on them. It was a real pleasure!

If you get to Bandcamp and order something from Dr. Space, tell him The Aural Retentive sent you!

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