Dr. Space – Lost In The Time Space Continuum

This is another release that Dr. Space shared with me. This time some of his solo work. 


This release is spacey through and through with shades of techno and I am reminded of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream as I listen to it. Dr. Space shows off the sound treatments that he brings to his solo work and what you hear with his work in the many bands he contributes to. 

The first track “Lost In The Space Time Continuum” is full of sound textures and is a slow roll. If you haven’t already, time to lay back and drift along with this. It’s perfect to space out to. Everything is soft and slow and layered and graceful. 

“Song For Walter” starts with a grindy wave of synth reminding you that this journey is going places. For lack of a better term this one has long passages of note streams. I found myself listening for patterns and waves and all the while the synth is spinning along grounding you. 

“Galaxy 294846” starts with the note streams and is full of layered effects. It’s hard to pin down how many layers of atmospheric sounds are happening all at once, but they all blend together with ease. At times the incoming layer sounds ominous, but then fades leaving you with the note stream as a calming anchor.

“Rah Jah” reminds me specifically of Tangerine Dream. Very cool. I wish I had better words to describe some of the sounds that I hear in this track. I love the little high pitched “tendrils” of sounds that pop and fade throughout this track. Again a note stream to ground you as the keyboard shots come in and out and the tendrils filter off. Very peaceful.

“Xtrapolation” is a note stream throughout with changes to the tone from high to grindy along the way. Despite this being a simple rhythm I found myself humming it when it was over. 

“Wurm” is a fat grindy line. After a few minutes there is a layer added of soft high tone cascading almost waterfall like sounds. It’s a nice combination. The gindy line takes a few turns here and there particularly near the end. Fun stuff.

“Shane’s Aura”. This last track is a very nice closer. It’s soft with slow note runs and you can hear bird sounds and walking. This draws you in. Then you can hear Dr. Space yell an echoey “Hey!” At that point the song begins to change. A nice fat synth rhythm builds and there are sounds coming in and out. I love the little notes that pop in, repeat and fade out. At 3:50 there is a spoken word/poem that Dr. Space reads. It’s a serious poem, sad, but ending with hope. “No more tears or fears and to be happy to be alive.”

Very nice piece. 

Check out Dr. Space’s other releases on Bandcamp. Good stuff.

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