Vinyl Community Rewind # 60 – VCLT From Helmut Diggy and Bonus Contest Video

This week’s Vinyl Community Rewind (after a lengthy hiatus) is a double. The first # 60 is VCLT from a great Vinyl Community You Tuber. He doesn’t make videos anymore that I have seen, but seeing a new video from him back in the day always put a smile on my face. He was the first person to buy some of my vinyl portrait art and he sent me the colored vinyl record that I went on to use as my opening. Helmut Diggy also sent me recently after like years since I made a video some Ravi Shankar albums. A true gentleman and scholar.

This video is a VCLT opening that includes the colored vinyl and some Zappa!

The second video is a contest response video for Digginthecrate’s Embrace The Weirdness contest. I show some Bowie, Zappa, a 45 by The Quarrymen, a weird soundtrack that I got in a grab bag that fooled me into thinking it was a James Bond soundtrack. Then I show some Killdozer and Couch Flambeau.

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