Traipsing Through The Archives # 4

As I have shown many times before, Dalton and I would make each other CD’s of new music we were listening to and wanted the other to hear. I kept all of these, even though I have all of the contents digitally because, well… they are just cool.

Here are a few that are in the Dalton CD hall of fame that I just had to show. These don’t have a particular theme, but all have something special to give.

“Convince Everyone You’re Cool By Listening To Cool Music!!!!”

This CD was a collection of some of Dalton’s favorite music and he was trying to turn me on to a few bands that I wasn’t familiar with along with showcasing some of our combined favorites. It’s a nice collection of music.

The Stooges, on the cover with the album covers made it to the inside with a sticker. Notice that the CD case is opened backwards? That’s because the tabs holding the cover broke and I have tape holding it on. Sheesh. Gotta get this one to the repair pile. Closeup on the bands.

That is quite a diverse mix. Never was able to get into the Dead Boys much, and for Flaming Lips I have to be in the right place, but I would load all the rest into Winamp and hit shuffle and listen all day. There is a lot of peaks and valleys for tempo and it’s just a great combination of sounds. Bravo. John Zorn’s Naked City was a big one with us both and we devoured all that we could get of them. Which led to this next CD.

“Naked City Reunion – Holland Festival 6-17-03”

The images for Naked City were graphic and I’m not sure if Dalton searched for these or they came with the download (I never asked him) but they are perfect for the band. If you are not familiar with John Zorn and Naked City definitely check them out. It is a crazy cacophony of styles and sounds and amp levels. Well worth a listen.

Stark inners and a hand written label, which usually indicated that he wanted to get it to me faster than he wanted to spend the time with intricate custom labels. Mike E. did I give you this one?!

Sometimes Dalton just nailed it with the cover picture. This next CD was just a collection of Judas Priest. He had given me one before but it was messed up, so he made another, and this time rather than just band photos, he went a different direction altogether.

“Judas Priest Collection”

Yep, at some point someone photoshopped the famous Oswald shooting picture. Dalton added the Judas Priest to the spine spot. Inside:

This one has a custom label with 2 album covers and some font play. I know he loved “British Steel” but not sure why he chose “Sad Wings Of Destiny”. Not that it’s a not a great album, but he really liked the newer stuff.

The album list on the left is just a simple list, but as with all things Dalton there is a tiny twist. Helix. What is that doing on here?

There’s no telling if this was included as a bonus, or just because he had extra room on the CD, or if he was digging Helix that day and just wanted to include it. Always a mystery, but as always, appreciated.

Thanks Dalton!

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