Henry Rollins In Eric The Pilot

It’s not often I search out and buy a CD, particularly when I already have it digitally, but some items you just have to have an original of, and there is no vinyl version of this so… I literally had to.

“Henry Rollins In Eric The Pilot”

You can find parts of him telling this story on YouTube

but it’s not the full version, or perhaps it was at another show. At any rate, the CD is the story from beginning to end and is in my opinion a true Henry classic. It hits all the high notes in his story telling. I won’t give too much away, but Henry has a very very strong work ethic and has rarely missed a show, and this story highlights his efforts to make it to a gig. It was recorded during an Australian show.

My original digital version was split into 6 files. That was how things were done way back then. Lol.

I love Henry Rollins spoken word stuff. I was lucky enough to see him in Madison a bunch of years back with Dalton at the Barrymore.


I have several books that I will be showing sometime soon that I bought autographed copies of, but I wanted to get this recommendation out. This CD is a great slice of Henry to start off with if you are new to his spoken word. If you want a taste of his current radio show you can listen on KCRW or go to


You will find the latest show and a whole lot more there. Love the disclaimer.

“www.rollins-archive.com is an unofficial fan site. It is not affiliated with Henry Rollins, 2.13.61, KCRW, Indie 103.1 FM, or any other nutty thing you may think of. I’m just a fan like the rest of you.”

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