The Best Show In Ages I Didn’t Go To But Luckily Didn’t Go To


Well, I haven’t really even fully considered going back to see live music again, even with my favorite venues (which are now unfortunately about 1 hour 20 plus minutes away) calling for proof of vaccination.

I know a few friends who have dived back into live music (hi Shawn and Otis!),

However, the first band that has come around that made me stop and consider was a band from England that was playing here in the US and coming to Madison!


Abbey actually turned me on to this band.

I was surprised to see them coming to Madison, but here is the evidence.

See them in the picture bubble? They are an aggressive UK punk rock duo, just drums and guitar. The drummer, who stands behind a very sparse kit, is the lead singer. It’s an unusual setup, but it totally works. Here’s a great example of them on BBC.

Again, I was surprised that they were going to be in Madison, and at The Annex of all places. I saw Droids Attack and Earth there long ago. It’s not very big really, but in these strange times maybe they are touring smaller venues? Who knows.

I was intrigued enough to take a screen shot.

Today, on a whim, knowing I had missed it, I wondered if there were any YouTube videos of the band performing last night. I couldn’t find any, but I did follow a link to the tour poster.$15-eid4snsmrmam91

Uh… did they add members to the group I asked myself?!?

In the press below there are 2 videos. I clicked on one. When the music started playing I cocked my head to the side like a confused dog would. Huh?

So… nothing against this “Slaves” but a quick check of Google revealed that this is Slaves (US).

NOT the Slaves I was thinking of, though the ticket selling band app that pushed me the notification clearly was confused and had it wrong. Too bad. At least now I know I didn’t miss a great show.

For a moment I tried to imagine my excitement driving all the way to Madison, finding parking and walking to The Annex and getting in and staking out a place at the stage front. Then waiting and waiting for the magical moment when Slaves came on stage and then when they did… me going… WTF? What is happening here? I probably would have thought that it was an unlisted opener and stood there through some of it until their lead singer said “Hey Madison we’re really glad to be here with you! We are Slaves!”

Then I would have had to dejectedly walk to the car and drive all the way back home, sad and broken. Having returned to live music with the wrong band. Whew! It is like a bad dream I didn’t have to have.

Instead I watched and listened to the following Slaves show as I wrote this.

Slaves. Slaves (UK) that is… please come to America!

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