METZ – Live At The Opera House

I am way late posting this, but… I spent most of 2021 buying old nostalgia albums and filling holes in the collection, but there were a few new ones coming in. This one came near the end of the year and though I try and let the vinyl be the first thing I listen to rather than online, this one I couldn’t resist, but was stoked to finally get my vinyl copy.

“METZ – Live At The Opera House”

Apologies for the crappy photo, but I can’t (won’t) remove the shrink because the name of the album is actually on a sticker connected to the shrink. So it stays.

I saw METZ live in 2017 and it was an incredible show.

“METZ – Live At The Opera House” was recorded during the pandemic. Though at this point that seems like less of a pinpoint in time as an era. It is a performance of the full “METZ – Atlas Vending” album.

From the opener “Pulse” it is a sonic manifesto and I can almost feel them pounding my heart for me with the bass and see them bouncing jumping and attacking the stage floor, sadly to an audience of recording techs and not a full screaming house of fans. Nonetheless you can feel the anger and passion of the band as they run through the tracks.

I picked up the SubPop Tri-Color Loser Edition.

The liner notes are in embossed black text on black and a challenge to get a good picture of, but if you angle it under the light…

METZ is such a melding of aural assault and killer riffs it sort of molds to your mood and gets behind whatever you’re feeling.

and bonus!… there is pro shot live video of the entire concert. There was a bundle to purchase both the CD/Digital and the video, but you can view it on YouTube.

Sad to NOT see thousands of bouncing heads in the video, but it was (and still is) a strange time and I’m glad that the energy of this show was recorded and shared with us until we can see them play again.

Here’s hoping they come around again soon.

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