The Psychedelic Furs Coming To Madison in July 2022

I remember seeing “The Breakfast Club” movie for the first time and being knocked out with the song “Pretty In Pink”.

I had a very limited palette of music styles to dip into at that point in my life and when listening to that song I kind of tilted my head like a dog not understanding a command. There was a very unique quality in the vocals that was exotic and haunting and just refused to leave my head. I had to hear more and as it was back in those days, without knowing any other songs but for “Pretty In Pink”, I bought “The Psychedelic Furs – Talk Talk Talk”. These days you would almost call that a blind buy.

The album was fantastic of course and I remember sitting on the floor in my room in Roselle and letting its weird moody music wash over me. It felt to me at the time, again with very limited exposure to bands like The Psychedelic Furs, like I was hearing a completely new style of music. Richard’s vocals were the linchpin throughout. 

I followed The Psychedelic Furs through “Midnight To Midnight” and then for whatever reason I never picked up their last 2: “Book of Days” and “World Outside”. 

In 2013 I had the chance to see them live and I jumped on it. I didn’t get my hopes up too high. I had seen some bands years after their heyday and been sadly disappointed. I didn’t expect it to be awesome, but the nostalgia factor would be grand.

At that point it had been 22 years since their last album and I was not expecting that they would still be so fantastic. I was literally blown away by the show. I got signatures from everyone in the band except for Richard who was on the bus before the last notes of the show ended. 

After the show, naturally I was on a Psychedelic Furs high and decided to have a go at their last 2 that I had never heard. They were a little more somber perhaps, but I kicked myself for never checking them out. They are both great.

Then in 2020 came “The Psychedelic Furs – Made of Rain” and I jumped at the chance to get a signed copy of the CD! I ordered it and after weeks and weeks I reached out to ask where my copy was. I was told that it must have been lost and my money was refunded. That sucked. So not only did I not get my signed copy, I didn’t get a copy at all. I was disgruntled to say the least.

I have since gotten vinyl copies of “Book of Days” and “World Outside” and I just ordered, finally, a vinyl copy of “Made of Rain”. I finally got over the bad taste in my mouth of the botched signed CD fiasco and ordered a limited edition white vinyl copy of the album, thus completing my vinyl Psychedelic Furs collection.


I received a notice that The Psychedelic Furs are coming to Madison again!

I had a ticket about an hour after tickets went on sale and I am stoked for the show. I never thought I would ever see The Psychedelic Furs and now I have a chance to see them for the second time! 

The first time they played the Majestic. I just found this clip from the show that year! Damn I love the Internet.

This time they are playing The Sylvee (a larger venue) on July 27th 2022 and I’ll be there! No doubt there will be a review and a jillion show photos and further fan boy ranting about the band. I’ll have to make a photo montage YouTube video to one of their songs like I did for Khruangbin. 

Stay tuned.

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