Wristwatch – The Hussy – Fire Heads And more!

After the Starcrawler show that Wristwatch opened

Wristwatch / Starcrawler – High Noon Saloon, Madison – 11/02/2022

and meeting Bobby Hussy, I kind a went into beast collector mode and purchased all The Hussy I could get my hands on while I was waiting on the Wristwatch vinyl. I posted each acquisition on Instagram and spent a few weeks engulfing myself in the world of Bobby Hussy.

I realized along the way how prolific this guy is. Straight out of the gate here I want to provide Bandcamp links to his latest and some historical bands:






and there are others, but the above are great place to start.

The Wristwatch album was on a special mission to be signed by the whole band, so in the meantime I was able to order “Looming” from Bandcamp, but the rest were sold out. Sigh. However, if you are willing to hunt a little, the vinyl is still around. I don’t typically do 7″ releases on vinyl, but I did buy all the digital downloads of those. Then the hunt was on for the full length vinyl releases (and live tapes!)

First to arrive was “The Hussy – Cement Tomb Mind Control” with Bonus Tracks!

While looking after this one arrived, I discovered that the original version was at 45 speed. I had to get that one too.

The difference can be seen in the grooves for each side by side.

Then came “The Hussy – Galore” on green vinyl.

Then a box came that had both the “The Hussy – Looming” that I ordered AND the signed copy of “Wristwatch – Wristwatch” which is SO damn cool. If you read this Bobby, thanks so much again for going above and beyond!!

Also on green vinyl.

The original sold out fast and this copy is the lime green Australian repress release limited to 25 copies! Awesome!

The cover photos is from Mickey’s Tavern.

Next up was a copy of “The Hussy – Weed Seizure”

and finally, the one I had heard of before… “The Hussy – Pagan Hiss”

Then I went for the tapes that are still available. There are a few compilation tapes and some that are great white whales that I am still tracking down without much hope (I’m talking about you “The Hussy – Cassette Box Set” https://thehussy.bandcamp.com/album/the-hussy-cassette-box-set ) but there are some live tapes and those I had to have:

“The Hussy – Live At High Noon Saloon”

“The Hussy – Live on WFMU”

and a split cassette with the band Useless Eaters…

“Useless Eaters/ The Hussy – Live At Mt. Swag”

on cool green

Then to round it all out I picked up vinyl from “Fire Heads”.

I ordered a copy of “Fire Heads – Scroggz Manor”. Note that this copy is a pressing before they changed the name of the band to Fire Heads.

and to my surprise in my box, which I knew was too heavy, were copies of “Fire Heads – Fire Heads”

and a split LP they did with the band Sex Scenes.

A huge shout out to Tyler for the extra perks.

One last vinyl to mention, another Bobby Hussy band Cave Curse. There is one 12″ vinyl record from the band called “Future Dust”. This one is synth driven and fast paced with some great hooks.

Had to show the back cover and dedication.

So, my Holidays were filled with fantastic punk and rock and I am so glad that this music came into my life (though decades late!) and that I got to explore and experiment with it.

When I posted pics of these to Instagram I got views and comments from Tyler and Heather and Bobby. It was pretty damn cool.


for those of you who dig Wristwatch… a new record is coming soon. Here is a screenshot from Bobby Hussy’s Instagram!

You will definitely want to get it fast because I have no doubt that it will sell out!

Wristwatch is performing out there. Have a look. I wish I didn’t live an hour and a half away from the music scene in Madison. Seeing them play at Crystal Corner on new Year’s Eve would have been a blast.

Looks like they are playing in Milwaukee next. Good luck guys. I know you will shred out there!

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