The Stooges And Fun House

Over the Holidays I was given a record by Otis. It’s a bit unmistakable to wrap a record, so I knew what it was before I opened it. However, upon ripping off the wrapping paper, I was confused.

“Leonard Warren – On Tour In Russia”

Uh… say what?

Otis of all people knows my taste in music. I wasn’t quite sure why he picked up this particular record for me. The back gave no clue either.

Then I pulled the record sleeve out. Ah…

What’s funny is I remember seeing that they were doing this last year, but 100% forgot. I’m sure the look on my face must have been priceless. Nice work Otis.

It took a few weeks to get to go downtown to covert it, but this weekend I did. The absolute shortest time I have ever been inside Strictly Disc. Probably less than 8 minutes.

I flipped through a few bins and then came across The Stooges.

Boom. I pulled their first and second and headed for the register.

Back in the day I had “The Stooges – Fun House” on CD. It was a staple of the Spike/Dalton mix tapes. Side one songs were acceptable on any mix. “Down On The Street”, “Loose”, “T.V. Eye” and “Dirt”. For weeks after getting that CD I muttered Iggy’s vocalization of the word dirt over and over. It was like a punch. Truth be told, in the last few weeks I have been experimenting with Iggy Pop and even picked up 2 books on his career and lyrics. So the timing of running acoss these 2 was absolutely perfect. Reasonably priced (these days) to boot!

“The Stooges – The Stooges”

Bonus shout out for the record stand seen here.

“The Stooges – Fun House”

Both of these albums I have listened to 100o times and I actually chastise myself for not having bought these sooner!

Extra double bonus, I didn’t realize they were on colored vinyl until I got to the car and was taking a thank you pic for Otis!

Stooges on whiskey colored vinyl

and Fun House on black and red colored vinyl

So it was a long trip for a short browse, but I came out with some winners.

Thanks Otis!


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