Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon 50th Anniversary – ?!?!

Recently a post for the 50th Anniversary of the Pink Floyd album “Dark Side of The Moon” came across my feed. Oh, cool I thought. There was a link to check out the box set being released.

I had to look.

The first thing that hit me was the pre-order price. $299.98 Is anyone really fooled by the “well it isn’t $300 bucks” 2 cent savings? I mean come on.

Second, and here is where I start my rant… WHO THE HELL ARE THEY MARKETING THIS TO?!

I myself have had 3 copies of “Dark Side of The Moon”. I have always loved this album. One was from Dalton’s collection (left) and then I bought a newer copy at some point (right). Notice the slight differences in the prism? More light bending inside in the old copy.

The third copy I had I think was from a garage sale and scratched beyond listening, so I turned it into a clock for Max years ago. Upside down, but he still has it.

Hell, I even have it on 8-track.

2014-08-22 12.06.27

However, am I going to be one of the people to spend $300 to have the box set of it’s 50th Anniversary? Sorry… absolutely no.

I find this to be ridiculous. I spent plenty of time watching You Tube videos of The Vinyl Community to know there are folks out there that buy these though. I’ve seen plenty of box set openings and from folks that have all the albums individually before they bought the box set. I always thought it was weird.

I’m not saying there isn’t a little of the collector in me, but I think if you are a Pink Floyd fan and buying albums like “Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon: Live At Wembley” then you already have all the vinyl in this set. Further, if you are buying vinyl, do you need/want the CD’s of the albums, and who wants replica singles? That seems money grabby to me.

And the booklets and posters are nice, but whatever that video is, do you really need it in all 3 versions?: DVD, ATMOS and Blue Ray?

In my humble opinion, the people that are buying this will open it, look at all the pieces, then gingerly set it in a prominent place in their record rack and never touch it again.

Another aside as long as I am ranting… Amazon, why are you attaching reviews of Dark Side of The Moon 30th Anniversary and Dark Side of The Moon – Experience Version? It looks like the 50th Anniversary box set has 2,956 ratings, but it’s still a pre-order.

That’s sketchy. Whether you typically read reviews or not, that is very deceptive.

Don’t get me wrong, “Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon” is a fantastic, maybe perfect album, but I don’t believe that those that put this package together are in the market to please fans… I think they are pleasing their own wallets.

Rant over, I’m going to go listen to my slightly scratchy version of “Dark Side of The Moon” and enjoy it while saving myself $300.

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