Freak Scene Radio

Alas, Freak Scene Radio is no more. This is old news to most, but I just discovered it recently when I went to listen to a show on his WordPress site:

I enjoyed my summer off so much I have decided to hang up the headphones on weekly radio. I intend to continue to post about music at FreakSceneRadio on Instagram. If you miss me, there are over 60 shows posted at, including Freak Scene Favorites shows for the years 1987 through 2021, and I hope to put up new content there from time to time. Thanks for listening, and please continue to support independent bands, record stores, venues and thought.

Since moving from the Madison area, I have missed WSUM and the morning shows (I also used to love “The Sum Of All Parts”) but inevitably people move on and things change. BUT, I do still love Randy B’s site. Recent ones are still listenable and it is worth checking out simply for his lists of Freak Scene Favorites which you can also listen to, some even download. There is a banner pull down of these best of shows and I highly recommend them.

I called into Freak Scene Radio many times and thanked him for playing some favorites and requested some others which he even played.

After moving from the area, on occasion I would whip out a mix of some sort, not being interested in trenching into any one genre, and Randy B’s Freak Scene Radio show was a great way to fill that need. His shows were up tempo and divergent, mixing styles and both new tracks, old classic tracks and even local tracks.

So, if your looking for some music to listen to today, check out his site. Also…

For those of you who didn’t know, Randy B. is (along with being a great DJ) a drummer in the band The German Art Students. Local!

Here is the Bandcamp page.

Now you have 2 things to check out. Get to work!

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