Bob Marley! Oh No !

A month ago I bought another Bob Marley drink. We were at Woodmans and they had the half tea/half lemonade in bottles. Mellow Mood Lite. No caffeine.

2012-11-15 10.23.30

I took it to work and downed it the next day. Afterwards I remembered how out of it I was the night I drank the juice. I felt no ill effects from this one though. It was actually very good. Cool and easy mahn.

The bottle has been sitting at my desk as a bit of a decoration since then. No one has commented on it until today. David and Craig noticed it and I showed them the warning on the back and we laughed. I told them about zoning and passing out hard the night I tried the first one. I think it was more related to the day I had had and less about the drink, but ya never know.

Then I get home and what do I see on MSN:

What middle schooler doesn’t love him some Marley, eh? The kids will love this.


Poor Bob.

First the parasitic fish, now this.

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