Frugal Muse – The Return Trip

I went back to The Frugal Muse for the Sprinsteen and it was gone. So SOMEONE is buying records there besides me.

As I dug through the pile again looking for the Springsteen I noticed that there were some new items added and scored this:

2012-12-02 21.54.08

The Blasters! For only $2.98. I figured that it would be in bad shape since most of the albums there are priced higher, but I had to buy this. I loved this album when I got it from the library when I was in high school. I blogged about equipment many posts ago and included this picture.


See The Blasters peeking out of the library bag in the lower right? Nice panelling.

When I got the new Sony receiver hooked up, song # 3 on side one of The Blasters album was my test track. “I’m Shakin” came out of the speakers and made me happy in two ways. First, the receiver worked, and second, this track rocks! It was reworked by Jack White on his “Blunderbuss” album. Amazing there too.

I have gone to the basement and played this song 4 or 5 times since I put it on the record player. It’s a great song. Horns, boppin beat, awesome. This weekend I plan to play the whole album and see if the rest is as good as I recall.

Totally worth the $2.98 !

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