The Ion Record Player Promoted To Upstairs

After the second record player (and chess) party in the basement with Dalton I realized that I wanted to have the record player upstairs. The basement was fine, and I still would like to have a stereo setup down there some day, but for now, with really only the record player getting a workout, and being able to play tapes and CD’s on Cindy’s stereo upstairs, I needed to find room upstairs for the receiver and record player.

I envisioned rocking out to records upstairs and being able to enjoy the quieter ones (like “Neil Diamond – Jonathan Livingston Seagull) while sitting in comfort in the living room, instead of at a card table in the basement.

I cleared off the bottom 2 shelves of the bookcase in the sunroom where I had my stereo before, and where Cindy’s stereo is now. There was enough room for the record player to sit, each shelf is deeper as you approach the bottom, and the receiver fit nicely on the bottom. A couple bookends to hold the records up and I was set.

I would have liked to have the Ann Arbor speaker that I just got hooked back up after so many years, but in fact, they were just too big. They took up too much space and so I brought up the little black ones.

I sorted the records, rock on the upper shelf, Neil Diamond and Linda on the bottom shelf along with some odds and ends.



So now the record player is upstairs in the sunroom. There really is something fun in playing these. I played “The Cars – Candy-O” while I was ironing clothes for the holidays and smiled the whole time. On Christmas day I played Bruce Springsteen. I have all the Bowie’s to listen to now as well. I imagine a warm summer night, house lights out and just the party lights on the deck lit, listening to “Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon”. Nice.


I’m not sure what I’ll do when I run out of album room on the shelves. Back to fruit crates I suppose. Hard to believe how fast this collection has grown. 95% of these are records I had back in the day.

2012-12-21 16.48.33

Glad y’all are back.

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